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The History of Our School


•  Start : around 1895

•  Donated the Land : Kalo Gurunnanse and
Phiscal hamine,a sister of Phiscal Ralahami and another distinguish wel wishes in the villagedecided to have a school.

Mrs,Helena from Romeal mawatha, Panagoda donated the first piece of land.

•  In 1913, : Welknown social servent Mr.D.D.P.Jayasooriya and Weda Gurunnanse had started this school.

•  Our Former Principals

1923 – 1940 : Mr,M.H.Perera from Batapola Ambalangoda.

1940 - 1945 Mr.D.P.Weththasingaha.

1945 - 1952 Mr.Wimaladasa Gunawardana.

1952 - 1970 Mr.Dewasiri Perera

1962. 02. 15 Become a government school.

The Donation from the government,

Scince laborarory,

The shrine room.

And some other buildings

There were 1200 students.

The principals and the welwishes who,

Mr.Meegoda Jayasooriya Gurunnanse

Rev.Revatha (who lived in Kande Pansala) Mr.Gunasekara

Mr.M.H.Perera -


Mr.Wimaladasa Gunawardana

Mr.P.Dewasiri Perera (from 1952 to 1970 and again from 1977 to


Mr.Daya edirimanna

Mr.Chandrasiri Jayasekara


Rev.Wallambagala Pagngnathissa



Mr.R.P.de Silva

Mr.G.G.T.D.Gunasekara in present

The gist of Our Village

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In the midst of the village,Habarakada in North,Meegoda in South,Dedigamuwa,Walpita in East and Homagama in West,the village –Panagoda,is gleaming in the area.

In ancient times,so many Jak trees were dominating this area.Its flower,named “Pana” and with lots of that the village was named as Panagoda .

In 1415 the reign of the King Parakramabahu the 2 nd ,Panagoda belonged to the zkotte Kingdom.Later the villagers catered the elephants for the king in Seethawaka Kingdom.So,the King gave away the noble for, their nobility as “Gajasinghe”

In 1562 during the war with Portugese the villagers of Panagoda fought with 500 soldiers.

The noblemen as Rev.Panagoda Somarathne,Rev.Godagama umedha,Rev.Keremulla Wimalathissa.

Dr.ArthurAlwis,Dr.L.A.Mendis,Dr.Nanayakkara,Dr.Abraham Kothlawala,Dr.Aruna Kapuruge and Dr.Saman Gunasekara brighten the village,Panagoda in the country.

It consists 99% of Sinhala Buddhists and 1% of non Buddhists.



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